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Smile 10 Upcoming Pop-Punk Bands

If there’s anything I’ve learned digging through my Spotify playlists to list the small bands I don’t even know how I found in the first place, it’s that there is an optimistic amount of talent all over the world carrying the pop-punk scene three minutes at a time. For all you underground gatekeepers, here are ten pop-punk bands without a song having over a million listens (at the time of writing) - in no particular order. I'm too new to this forum to post links, but I will include a song recommendation from each band still

Locals Only
Recommendation: "Footsteps"
Thanks to these upbeat New Yorkers, came the creation of my all time favorite stoke-inducing song, “Footsteps.” Though they do not have a full album out yet, they have had the privilege of playing on the Vans Warped Tour Stage in 2017. If you’re looking for energy, they have it. Might I add, frontman Joey Scott’s vocals has exceptionally distinctive character.
Vibe: energetic

Recommendation: "Rose"
Everything about this band radiates Summer vibes, so it’s fitting their first and only album is named “Timeless Youth.” They describe their sound as “familiar and reinvigorating,” this is the kind of music that deserves sharing the stage with Neck Deep or State Champs. Nothing but success if they continue doing what they’re doing now.
Vibe: youthful

Stuck Out
Recommendation: "Who You Are"
All the way from Australia, and proudly signed to SharpTone and Greyscale records. Their recent EP release in December 2020, “Lie Through Your Teeth,” made SharpTone’s 100 list. Recently, they have also joined Sequel Music Group alongside bands The Story So Far and Between You & Me.
Vibe: nostalgic

Recommendation: "Awful Truth"
Careful now, their only album “Awful Truth” won’t let you go until you’ve listened to all of it. The entire album is bouncy and lyrically creative. On top of being the definition of pop-punk, it gets better, they are master tourers. Just a few bands they’ve shared a stage with are WSTR, Seaway, and Broadside.
Vibe: fun

Secret Keeper
Recommendation: "Sycamore"
My first, and remaining question pertaining to this band is “who hurt them?” If you are looking to get hit right in the feels, this quartet from Florida will do it. It would be fair to slap a trigger warning before giving them a listen, as a recurrent theme within their songs is death and grieving. Prepare for extremely touching, vivid lyrics.
Vibe: melancholy

Recommendation: "Happy"
With vocals that sound like they could belong in a metal band, it’s safe to call it a score that Ryan Beebe decided to instead donate his voice box to pop-punk. All of their music so far is composed of EP’s, their most recent being “Life in Slow Motion.” By the sound of it, any album they decide to release will be a genre staple.
Vibe: uplifting

Dear Youth
Recommendation: "Dandelions"
Having released two albums their intended sound is crystal clear, and it’s exactly what you want to hear. Their 2020 album, “Heirloom,” contains their second to most streamed song “Dandelions.” Such a bop, and props to the guitarists on this song (Brendan Pilon & Jacob Saray) in particular for giving it some interesting flair.
Vibe: refreshing

Such Luck
Recommendation: "Mess"
Nearing a million streams on their top song “Mess,” this Kansas City band is gaining the traction they deserve. Stage life is no stranger either, as they’ve notably performed with Knuckle Puck and Hot Mulligan. Their latest EP “Patience Is a Virtue” must indeed be met with patience as their drummer had to unexpectedly leave the band.
Vibe: genuine

Hold Close
Recommendation: "Breath"
From Missouri to Hopeless Records, their 2016 and 2017 EP’s scream punk. However the release of their 2019 album, “Time,” is smooth and solemn while asking philosophical questions such as “does the hurt and the love disappear?” when referring to the death of their friend. Frontman, Braxton Smiley, inflicts insane amounts of passion in his voice.
Vibe: passionate

Recommendation: "Go Wrong"
No doubt, the most shocking on this list, having only 30k listens on their most streamed song, this Scotland band hit the ground running. According to their Spotify bio, they have tons of new music on the way in 2021. So far, their sound is a well played twist on the iconic pop-punk instrumentals. It would be a power move seeing them tour with Waterparks.
Vibe: experimental

Incase We Crash
Recommendation: "Soul Paint"
Another band that has yet to release a full album or even rack up half a million Spotify listens on their top song, yet staying true to their pop-punk roots. This Canadian trio describes themself as “authentically unapologetic.” Their second most streamed song “Soul Paint” served as a vibrant booster to a promising music career.
Vibe: lively

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