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Originally Posted by ToshPoken View Post
Dude I cannot thank you enough for the in-depth explanation as well as the visuals! This is exactly what I needed, brother. Super appreciate the time and detail that went into your response man. Thank you!!! I will certainly be using this as a reference.

Quick question. Would you be willing to provide an image or two of the movable wooden frames you spoke of (I'm not much of a craftsman so it's a little hard for me to visualize this particular example) and maybe an image of your full set up. I'm just curious what your final product looks like!

Thanks again my friend!
Sure thing, I'm happy to help

Here are the various panels I currently have:

Hinged panel - This has rotted in the garage for a few years and is garbage at this point. However, you get the idea.. I just made two wodden frames, filled them with foam rubber from an old mattress and then dressed them in some cheap black fabric from the closest IKEA. It looks raggedy, especially now, but it's handy in that it could stand on its own. I would put this next to whoever I was recording, typically guitar while sitting on a stool.

Professional acoustic panel - This is more or less store bought and quite expensive. Luckily, I got it for free as it was a leftover from where I work. Currently, it's just sitting in this corner, but I plan to use it to cover a door when recording.

Box with acoustic panels - This is a bigger "box" that I can slot 3 acoustic panels into (each 60 x 120 cm). What I wanted here is a little air gap behind them which is a meagre 5 cm here, but better than nothing.

Window panel - Here you can see one of the wooden frames that goes inside one of my windows. Note the handles in the corners so its easy to take out. It has that compressed insulation as a sound absorbant. The material's pretty stiff, so it's basically just cut to size with an insulation knife, slot it into the frame and it stays there. You can put some long screws through the frame and into it if you want to make it more stable, but it seems good enough. I just made the fit a bit tight.

Studio pic 1 / Studio pic 2 - This is currently how my studio looks like. It's above our garage, hence the sloped walls/ceiling. I'm not quite done with it, so it's a little messy. I'm currently building storage and it needs some paint etc. I'm happy with it, though. There is actually space for a drum set, but I only record vocals and smaller instruments (mostly acoustic guitar) and overdubbing everything and so this is enough. I do mixing / mastering in the same space and do fine without a dedicated vocal booth. There's a slight chance of getting some hum from the computer into the recording, but not really because I can make it quiet.

Because the room is a little too "dead" for optimal mixing conditions, there's a slight chance I'll slather things in more reverb than I should, but awareness of this potential issue and thorough checking of mixes in other places should eliminate that risk.

So that's it.. Feel free to ask questions and I'll answer to the best of my ability
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