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Dont worry about him he just has to set the pace backwards... I agree much of what you have said and so much reading but then you write well for sure. I look at Nightwish and love some of their early stuff but not so much at all the newer stuff coming out of then so guess lots of the bands change sometimes... it is just purely change of band members and influences by the media even, fans, changes in their lives...can be so many things that change a band....I except more what I hear as opposed to in depth wonderings. I suffer word blindness at times so likely missed some of your post comments/feelings..Take Bon Jovi my good mate Ash who we share music with mostly says they are soft.. but I enjoy them a lot so hey does it matter what others opinions are that much when you is hard I can see that for you as your start out with a band and they change, they all change to some degree..James Bay enjoy his music a lot and I cant believe it but he is now enjoying some of his music...
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