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You wanna know the biggest issue with Iron Maiden translating themselvea to the new millennium? They had Brave New World that was just a really good version of an old school Iron Maiden album and A Matter of Life and Death was the best version of Maiden doing a more prog version of Maiden, but they've never managed to sound vital since the mid 80s. Even their good **** since Powerslave was just reputable rather than any kind of exciting sound.

Whereas Judas Priest has had many a non-starter sound or just okay sound since the mid 80s bit they still recognized that part of being a relevant metal band was managing to sound like they were coming for your jugular.

And so they threw caution to the wind and recorded Painkiller. That was an actual reinvention of their sound which Priest has done many a time whereas Maiden never did anything other than say how can we sound more like a more mature version of how we.already sound
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