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President: MC Ride
Vice President: Liz Phair
Secretary of State: Brian Eno
Secretary of the Treasury: Juicy J
Secretary of Defense: DJ Snake
Attorney General: Britney Spears
Secretary of the Interior: Tove Lo
Secretary of Commerce: Lil Wayne
Secretary of Health And Human Services: Ted Nugent
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Q-Tip
Secretary of Transportation: Daft Punk
Secretary of Energy: Fisher
Secretary of Education: Dave Mustaine
Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Dexter Holland
Secretary of Homeland Security: Josh Homme
Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency: Billie Eilish
Director Of National Intelligence: Mark E. Smith
United States Trade Representative: John Lydon
Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors: Jewel
Administrator of the Small Business Administration: Mike Patton
Chief of Staff: Gregg Alexander

As for laws, we're legalizing weed and every other drug and then we're going to redistribute smoke machines.
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