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Default Home automation

Hi banterers,

For a few years now, I've been working on our smart home. Are any of you guys working on this? What sort of services and platforms do you use?

Some current features of our smart home:
  • Smart lighting (Philips hue) throughout
  • Weather station / indoors climate & radon monitoring
  • Smart garage doors
  • Smart blinds
  • Real time power consumption monitoring (/automation triggers)
  • Google voice assistants within earshot from every room
  • A few security cameras
  • Various sensor to give alerts and control lights & heating
Something a little unfortunate is that I don't have any one platform that integrates all the services we use and do everything we want, so we use many. I think this is typical of the current state of home automation and that we may be a particularly bad example of this.

The backbone of our home is Google Home, but it's not great for automation. So we also use smartthings and IFTTT. Mostly for storing sensor data, I am also running Home Assistant in docker on a server running lubuntu. Plus we have some routines in the Philips hue app.

I really need to streamline things a little. Besides that, I am generally interested in the subject and curious if anyone else here also is.
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