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Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post
Yeah, we are particularly good at baffling outsiders with the way we pronounce place names.
But you are completely off-base with your "redneck" comment: we don't have the climate for that. In London though, it's quite easy to become a greyneck.
When faced with any variation of the same language or a completely different language the words are going to be often baffling....easy to judge the way something is said and misinterpret what a person is saying.....the French understand only what you say with the correct accent and the correct masc or fem usage.just for starters...we all know a car is masc and housekeeping is fem...apron or overalls, obvious right. idea about red necks, although as a kid I did get sun burnt a lot, being a freckle faced kid...this lot seem happy about it though...

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