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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
I do hope you get some cat keys cut for those doors. Can't have them ringing the bell all hours...

I wrote this about home automation. Sorry tore...

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That was honestly more fun than I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing.

I don't worry that the google assistant will murder me, but something weird did happen a few weeks ago. I was upstairs with our eldest kid, just watching TV I think, when the assistant suddenly told me something along the lines of: "even though I'm not a person, words can be hurtful". Something like that. It was clear it thought I had been offensive.

I got curious and so checked out the logs to see what it was it had reacted to. I found that, although none of us had spoken to it, it thought it had been addressed and told to "go die".

The rational explanation is simply that we talk to our assistant in english, but speak to eachother in norwegian. Sometimes, it mishears our norwegian chatter as "ok google" or "hey google" and so activates by accident. Whatever norwegian it then hears us speak, it makes an attempt to interpret that in english.

Still, that time was a little weirder than usual.
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