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Originally Posted by Marie Monday View Post
I'd actually be interested in seeing what kind of misguided thought acrobatics they use to come up with their arguments
Like any good biologist should, I've tried to fight Darwin's good fight, battling ignorance and teaching people about evolutionary theory online. I've done it in various places. The last place I did it regularly was quora. The place is ripe with religious nuts. Someone can ask an innocent question about some aspect about evolution and you can be sure to find religious idiots invading comments. They really hound any discussion on the subject.

A few classics that I see again and again:
  • Conceding that sure, evolution happens on the MICRO-level, but not on the macro-level (micro/macro-evolution isn't really a thing)
  • Evolution is just a theory
  • Evolution would break the second law of thermodynamics
  • There's no fossil evidence. Where is it?!
  • There's no evidence of a species turning into a different species
  • That something as complex as the eye could not have evolved due to irreducible complexity (thoroughly refuted many times and long ago)
I got a little burnt out, so I haven't been doing it as much lately (came here instead). However, next time I find one of these idiots, I'll give you a nudge
In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.
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