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Originally Posted by jwb View Post
I don't have time to respond to or even to properly ingest everything you've said thus far as I'm working on very limited time and energy, though I will definitely return to say more I would just quickly respond to this.

You should go on YouTube and look at bbc empire of the ants with Attenborough. It shows just such a super colony which he says has millions of queens. Sharing food and cooperating in farming aphids, etc. Maybe it's a more recent observation or maybe they're lying. But that'd definitely the impression they give.
Talk about ingestion. I read an article about how scientist studied a supercolony of ants and notice skirmishing between the ants at certain locations,where otherwise different colonies were cooperative. So they did what scientists do best ... the performed an experiment. So they gather ants from different colonies, mixed the ants together. Then they divided them up and feed them different diets. They put the ants together and a war broke out. The scientists came to the conclusion that it wasn't the scent of a different species that made them aggressive it was all due to their diet. It was like the ants' BO was effected by what they ate and the ants' BO drove them to war.

I guess to understand it in human terms it would be like if France attack Germany cause Germans smelled like beer, Bratwurst and sauerkraut.
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