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Originally Posted by mark de berard View Post
Punched a 1kg bag of flower and recorded it , best kick sample ever !
I wrapped a big cardboard box with two thick towels and hit it with a drumstick. The microphone was inside the cardboard box.

And THAT was the best kick sample ever!

1. I'm using my mother's spices to make hi-hat and cymbal samples

2. I've put sitar strings on a baritone ukulele

3. I've build a Hammond organ (two levels of keys) using an electric harmonium and a ****ty keyboard (meant for kids)

4. I've made a thunder strike sample by stretching the lowest sitar string until it broke (the resonance of the sympathetic strings, mmmm...)

Not sure this counts as weirdest gear, but what the hell
Originally Posted by Marie Monday View Post
This thread reads like the synopsis of a tv series, in a good way
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