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Glad you're enjoying them Dianne. That Leopard is at my friends place, who I restored the bin for. Her sister painted it in some sort of single day wood & wine workshop class or something like that. She'ss since passed from cancer, but yes she was very good with animals and volunteered at the local PAWS shelter every week. Personally, I struggle even with keeping house plants alive, so I'm not sure how my daughter's made it this far. lol

Love the HH pic. Neat little creatures, and the phrase "Explain it to me like I'm a 4th grader" was created because of me, so no problem there.

Also, you're good for conversation, and there's a lot of people who aren't. That's a huge part of being human, so you've got the most important part of all of this down pretty good, I'd say.

I'm always glad to see you respond, so thank you!
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