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Default Can you recognize this band

Hi palls,

I am very anxious because for years i am unable to ID this band.

Some details

I recorded this from vinyl, i don't remember SP, EP, or LP

It was in 1989 in Austria where i recorded it on tape.
this are two songs played segue.

I note on tape Senator Flux, but this is not.
I used to bother lot of my friends who are into this music post punk, new wave, indie but still nobody is able to came with a name..
because i am new here i am not able to post url
so go on google by searching: soundcloud
jesse-oor song-anonymous

I will be tremendously pleased..i will liberated...for deacades this is imposed on me as a omission..
the songs are great, so it will be great mistake to not go with the name and learn more about this band
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