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I know how to read and write music but I have no experience with transcription software so I don't know what causes the program to flag something as wrong or suspect.

I do notice, however, that this bar is rather odd. If the usual convention is followed by which a triplet of notes is played in the same time as two normal notes, and a five-group is played in the time normally allocated to four, then by my count the bar is 18 semiquavers long. Moreover the notes are grouped in a very strange way, not how one would expect in a bar of 9 or 18 beats. The accented G occurs on the 12th beat of the bar - no reason why that can't happen, of course, but I think most composers would notate that as the first note of the group, rather the middle note, as in the sheet on the left. To take another example, the first group of the bar is four four semiquavers long; the second is five, which is already breaking the pattern, yet the last note, the C, is carried over to the next group.

In other words the grouping of the notes appears to have little relation to any conceivable pattern of beats that could occur within the bar. Perhaps the program is struggling with this rather unorthodox way of notating the music.
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