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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
That album Blue Afternoon is certainly one of his better albums.

I've wondered the same thing. I can't say any of the previews I've heard from his later albums make me want to shell out for them. I can understand a musician wanting to branch out artistically but as a fan it can be disconcerting when they have excelled in a particular genre and they want to go in a different direction.
Greetings From LA has some good songs but be prepared for a somewhat different experience from his earlier albums. I have seen it described as "blustery white funk". I think that's a bit unkind. The three songs on side 1 are all fascinating, especially "Sweet Surrender"; the second side perhaps less so.

Some of the lyrics are... well, they could be called politically incorrect. Let's just say they dwell heavily on the subject of what's tactfully called "making love".
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