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Default Generic Intro Thread

I have a very real dislike of intro threads lol. They feel so awkward.

But, I guess it's part joining an online deal so I guess I will get it over with.

My name is Anthony. I, of course, like music. Prob a startling amount lol. I play a few different instruments. I primarily play guitar, but can play a little bass, piano, and drums.

I like writing music: composing and lyrical writing.

As for genres, I have a fairly broad taste and can find something I like in most genres. Right now I'm feeling some Zeppelin and Fit For Rivals/Renee Phoenix. I discovered them recently and digging the music. Especially her solo song" Godless".

Non music related, I like video games, cars, computers, and having philosophical arguments lol.

But anyway, that's me.
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