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Originally Posted by NightSky99 View Post
Can someone recommend a good Software to edit a song? Thank you! Like an online recording studio ( the audio has been recorded, i need an editing app)
Also an URL can be also very helpful. ♥️
I'm a little curious as to what editing a song means, but the software I use for that is Reaper.

It is one of several DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) that you can use for this. Benefits for Reaper are mainly small footprint in terms of system resources, great customizability and importantly for you - a fully functional demo version and a relatively low price otherwise.

Whatever DAW you end up with, you can add to it with third party plugins of various kinds, be they instruments or effects like compressors and reverbs or whatever.

If this is just about touching up a wav-file, like mastering / polishing it, then I can take a stab at that for you if you want. If so, just send me a private message.
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