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Originally Posted by jadis View Post
Your name isn't Chloe and you don't go to UO. The truth is that you're an opioid-addicted truck driver who has a fetish for girls hanging upside down. You've already seen every single image of girls hanging upside down available on the internet, and by now the only way you can get your rocks off is for strangers to talk to you about girls hanging upside down. Girls hanging upside down.

You've come to the right place, Steve. MusicBanter legend Trollheart has a huge collection of pics of girls hanging upside down, including from various snuff films, where the poor girls, who are hanging upside down, have their lives, well, snuffed out. They're not singing, that's for sure. But they're still hanging upside down!
And we're off again. I'm like candy to you, aren't I? You really have to learn to say no. Just give me up. I'm bad for you. You'll end up slouching along the street, not having washed for days, head down, bumping into people, muttering my name and seeing whatever you think my face is (probably Bender) everywhere. What's that? You already are doing that? Well, you only have yourself to blame.
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