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Okay then, time to get going again.

Before we do, a few overall comments.

From season two onwards, Serling no longer just narrates the introduction, but appears on screen, either as part of the episode or just standing off-centre, as it were. I'll be explaining how he enters each episode as we go. Closing narration is still just a voiceover though.

Whereas season one suffered from occasional changes in opening titles, season two is more cohesive and together, however I feel the "new" titles give the impression of being rushed, as if Serling has to speak against a clock. He's talking about "a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination" and then suddenly he seems to almost gasp out "There's a signpost up ahead! Your next stop, The Twilight Zone!" It just seems, well, wrong to me, but there it is. We saw some of these titles, as I say, on a few of the season one episodes but now they're here to stay.

In selecting candidates for the "And Isn't That...?" section I've tried to ensure that, while not every actor or actress is well known enough that everyone would know him or her, I chose people whose contribution to TV and film would remind people who they are, even if I don't know the show or film in question, or the person. So for instance, someone might say "Oh! That guy from Gilligan's Island" or "Right! I remember her from Leave it to Beaver" or whatever. In general, if the person is not, or was not, an actor I've tended to shy away from them, with some notable exceptions.

I've also drawn the border at the 1950s (occasionally mentioning work before then if relevant) as overall (no offence meant to any octogenarians or nonagenarians here of course) the people reading this are unlikely to remember or recognise work from before then. Because they were mostly the only shows around at the time, a huge percentage of these actors worked on western or cowboy shows, but many of these won't be known to our generation, and anyway I can't note every single appearance of every actor on every screen, so if I've missed something important about someone let me know. I'll obviously also highlight any genre links that can be pointed to.

I've changed a few things to my format since season one, and added others. You'll see these as we go along, but the main change is I've removed the "Iconic?" section as I really don't think it works for most episodes. I've replaced it with "Possible Inspiration For" which I think speaks for itself.

I think that's more or less it. Sorry for the wait, but
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