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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
I actually don't get that. I took one and two-year breaks from here over my time here, and I never needed a ban to stop me going back. When I wanted to make the break, I made it, and when I felt I needed to go back or was being drawn back or (god help me) missed the place, I went back. I guess some people have less self-control than others. (I can quit this place any time, honestly! I just... don't want to.)
If you took breaks, then that means you had internal motivation to do that. I think my situation was different in that I didn't want to take break, but felt forced to by external circumstances.

So my own temp ban made sense to me at the time. There was a lot more going on here then and I was also a moderator. MB was a huge part of my online life and I was experiencing that special kind of procrastination where I KNEW I should be writing on my thesis, but found it hard to force myself to do it. Instead I procrastinated on the forums while being horribly aware that the hours, days and weeks were ticking ever closer to my deadline.

I'm just glad that's over with.
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