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Originally Posted by Mucha na Dziko View Post
Well, first there’s an option to create an introduction thread, so it’s a fairly basic place to start.

But as to the more existential question, I think the answer is fairly easy.
1. You like music
2. You look for a music based community
3. You find MB and think „oh great! This looks promising”
4. You make an introduction thread
5. You realise you have no clue about anything around here, you’re not sure what and where to post, or you’re shy and scared of being mocked by some nameless internet community, or you just forget after a while because you found a real life music community or something

It nearly happened to me really.
On the first day I made about 15-20 posts, but then for a week or so I had no idea where to look for interesting threads, or how to talk to people, etc.

After about two weeks I got into a sort of big argument/fight with someone around here who had like 7K posts, and that really opened me up, because afterwards I felt no more shyness/fear/pressure or something.

But not everybody has the chance of having an argument with a MB veteran at the start I guess so that their mental blockades can get desintegrated.
Also Marie Monday’s kindness helped a lot.
You mean users are somehow led to open an intro thread when registering?

And thanks for the insight from someone relatively new, that's quite interesting.

I think I started posting and arguing with people straight away, 87 years ago when I joined. I wanted to SPEAK and express myself on a million different things, shyness is for real life!
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