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Originally Posted by WWWP View Post
Eyyy my hometown population is 960 lol
Graduated with a class of 25. Since then the school has become one building for K-12, with only about 8 graduating seniors every year lol.

The olds come in the summertime and the population doubles.
Yup, honestly, I wouldn't change anything about where I grew up, even if I had the chance. It was a very peaceful and serene upbringing. For most of my elementary school life, we didn't even have a playground. During recess we'd just play kickball on the pavement. I know we had two different buildings for elementary school/high school - and I think it remains that way. My graduating class consisted of 14 people.

Originally Posted by jwb View Post
That's ****in insane lol my cousin grew up in a town like that in Vermont. That's beyond rural bro you might as well have grown up on a commune.
Yup, I grew up in New Hampshire. I've spent plenty of time in Vermont - generally, Vermont is even more quaint than New Hampshire. Though I'm 26, my living/location preferences are probably more akin to an old retiree. Peace, quiet, isolation, with the biggest draw for tourists being the damn foliage changing in the fall. My wife wants to move elsewhere and says: "There's nothing to do here!" to which I reply "That's just the way I like it".

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