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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
Oh god don't talk to me about my back!!!

I propose we begin a new group: MBOFC - The Music Banter Old Fogies Club - it has a real catchy sound, doesn't it: embofuc! Minimum criteria: you must be over 50 years old, still alive (at least clinically) and have had a blow-up row with at least one person half your age, whether here or in real life. Also, you should subscribe to the general idea that "kids today don't [insert grump of your choice here]". People will be moved to the top of the queue for admission who a) know how to use a rotary phone (or what one is) b) remember before there were cashpoints and c) know what a stylus is, outside of a computer tablet.

Who's in?

Church (in my case, graveyard behind church...)
I'm in. I had thought about starting a group like that myself. I'm certainly qualified, my blow up with Yorke Daddy, I'm sure, is still legendary
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But looking for quality interaction on MB is like trying to stay hydrated by drinking salt water.
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