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What can I add? Very little, except to say that when you consider the totality of their catalogue, Genesis are probably my favourite band of all time. They have done albums I don't like, but that run of albums from Trespass through to ...And then There Were Three is spectacular.

Interesting that you pick this album to start with, because most of the fans seem to prefer its sibling, A Trick of the Tail. Personally I think they are neck and neck, and I think they would have worked well as a double album.

Re the Gabriel vs Collins thing: my take on this is that Collins was technically a better singer, but Gabriel's voice and delivery was better suited to the material on the albums where he was the vocalist - hardly surprising, since he was the main man behind the lyrics.

P.S. I love "Afterglow". One thing Banks is very good at is songs that close an album well. This is simpler than many of his compositions - only a relatively small number of chords, but some quite unorthodox chords and chord progressions, as we have learned to expect from Banks. You could almost call this a torch song. Another in this style is "The Final Curtain", from Tony's solo album Still; that one may be my favourite "finale" song ever, and if Tony ever did a concert of his own I would want that song to be the closing song of the night.

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