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I like them fine. I think Genesis '83 has its moments (I love "Home by the Sea" and "Mama"), not a huge fan of Invisible Touch (again, the more proggy ones like "Domino" and to some extent "Tonight x3" but otherwise not really) and I have little time for Abacab generally, though I love Duke and I in fact find We Can't Dance a really good album, just not a really good prog one. Calling All Stations falls apart after the opening track for me and ends in a confused muddle where the guys don't seem to to know what the **** they're doing.

I just lament the total morphing of one of the premier classic prog bands into a pretty third-rate pop band, left to implode under the weight of its own bad decisions and torn apart by the twin forces of popularity and money, to say nothing of everyone looking to his own solo projects.

Other than that, I'm good with them.

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