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Yes I personally feel "Fading Lights" would have been a perfect end song for the band to go out on. It has everything in the lyric, including the final word "remember". But then they went and spoiled it by getting Ray Wilson in. Nothing against the guy, but come on: take a totally non-prog vocalist (don't even try to tell me Stiltskin were prog!) for one album and then disband? The legacy was ruined. I actually think WCD is a decent album: I do like "Driving the Last Spike" and a few of the ballads - "Hold on My Heart", "Since I Lost You" and so on, and of course that closer. I'd have been happier if that had been the end of Genesis.

But from the end to (almost) the beginning, as we go back in time (screen warps and wobbles and goes black-and-white as my voice starts to shimmer and vibrate and echo....)
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