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Default I'll try again since last time barely had any traffic...

Hello everybody!

This is essentially a repost because I still have NOT found this damn song. It is NOWHERE to be found!! I have checked nearly every stock music site, even messaged the people involved in making both of the videos and nobody knows what it is or where it came from!!! its driving me insane!

Unknown artist, unknown titled. Pop song, circa 2014-2018 (rough estimate), female vocalist, sounds like a foreigner singing English. Quirky beat in the background.

I am new here and thought I would run this by anybody in case there is one person who has heard it. Believe me, I have Shazaamed, SoundHounded, MusicID'd, everything. Nothing shows up. I have looked up lyrics and have searched using every possible combination of phrases from he lyrics and there is nothing.

Dating the song is a bit tough, although I'd be willing to bet it was done between 2014-2018. The song was used in a video posted by a meme page called "Zesty Supreme", and it was a montage of strange animations by the German visual artist "Extraweg". I managed to extract the video and will post the Youtube link here. It was also briefly used in an ad for Taiwanese shoe company "D+AF".

I will type out some of the most obvious lyrics here but I will hide them so this post doesn't show up in web searches and I don't get my hopes up:
Spoiler for hidden:
"I don't even know you,
and I already want to stop time...with you..just with you
Take me by the hand, let's walk around the park
Which I haven't even seen what's happening to me, I'm terrified..

Oh yeah I have the entire song right here:

Again, I am not expecting much. Honestly, I'm not. I just need to get this out there and off of my chest.

thaaankkssssssssssss lovelies
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