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I had thought about starting a power-pop thread but why not resurrect an old one instead?

Anyway to me, power pop all emanates from early period Beatles (at least the best power pop does). Sure, I can see the Kinks influence (and mod bands like the early Who in general), but you also have to look at other influences like the Hollies, Merseybeat bands in general, notably the Searchers, and American bands like the Turtles for example.

Of course, power pop really took off in the seventies and much of what became known as New Wave featured quite a bit of power pop. Anyway, won't bore you with the obvious masters (Raspberries, Badfinger, Big Star, et al).

I don't think these guys were mentioned yet and they had a pretty good following in their day.

Any of you have any fav power pop bands/songs?
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