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Originally Posted by explosions-in-my-pants
I actually could never understand why people went so crazy over him, but i never noticed why people go so crazy over some musicians but hell its only because i wasn't a big fan when they were playing so when he was a live i never got the same great taste that everyone else did, so i know them (nirvana) for who they became, and the fame that fell upon them after kurts death.. so i think i maybe wouldn't have liked them years ago. for some reason his death had a thing over me that pulled me in to all the hype hence me liking them today sadly. years and years ago it wouldn't have been so easy for me to have been pulled in by them because well i didn't like grunge all that much.. although sadly i did like hole (and yes to me they were the females of grunge).
What i really can't believe is that people actually devote their time to start their own Nirvana hate group, i have found them on Myspace, and there's this one anti-Nirvana website.

I love the internet..............

But i hate the people who use it.
It's only knock n' knowall, but I like it

Originally Posted by Strummer521
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I only listen to Santana when I feel like being annoyed.
I only listen to you talk when I want to hear Emo performed acapella.
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