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Originally Posted by Anteater View Post
I thought a few years back that with the advent of CRISPR and more gene therapies you'd see society a little further along by now in regards to being able to grapple with this stuff (and be more accepting in general) but progress is slow.
Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
Man really thought crispr was gonna holocaust the trans into God-fearing regular cisfolk.
See Trollheart, this is the kind of stuff I was talking about with Frown. He's just bad faith trolling me.

Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
Just making sure people remember this while Ant tries to prove his compassion for trans people.
Lol those movies sucked and they changed the entire narrative of what The Matrix's influences were about after they came out and were interviewed. They're poseurs.
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Originally Posted by OccultHawk
I was called upon by the muses for greatness.
Originally Posted by Frownland
I'm bald, ja.
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