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Originally Posted by Exo View Post
Heart of Saturday Night was my first Waits album so it'll always have a place in my heart. I have grown to love other albums more over the years but I'm a f*cking sucker for a drunken ballad like "Please Call Me Baby". I'll sing that song to an empty bar drunk on mojitos given the chance.
My first was the next one, Small Change, and it just blew my ****ing mind. I love that album so much. Next up was Rain Dogs which almost, but not quite, put Small Change in the shade, and after that I just kept going. But I love this album. As you say, it could almost paraphrase Nick Cave's album and be called Drunken Ballads, and it sort of leads into Nighthawks in a way with its stumbling yet connected narrative generally concerning a drunk on his way home, either literally or metaphorically. I bet it's great to listen to wasted.

Originally Posted by TheBig3 View Post
This one was a great album. The biggest accomplishment on this album is moving away from the James Taylor cover act. Great album. My top 3 here would have to be:

1. New Coat of Paint
5. Diamonds On My Windshield
10. Drunk On the Moon

An 8.8. You're a generous man, Troll.
I think I'd go for

1. Shiver Me Timbers
2. New Coat of Paint
3. Drunk on the Moon

The ratings given are generally high with Waits for me. Unless I have a real problem with an album I usually don't score below 7, a 5 or below is a lost cause. I mean, when we get to The Black Rider I don't know, I'm just sayin', but up to then you can expect pretty consistently high ratings. These are only rated in terms of being as it were within the Waits universe, so it's not as if I were to put say - I don't know - Black Sabbath up against Closing Time, would they be rated the same? No they wouldn't; these ratings are purely for Waits's work only.
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