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Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post
That's a great track, Plankton. A short, smooth intro and some great guitar playing as the song develops. I don't hear anything of "Your Gold Teeth", but, yeah, "Lemon Merengue" could be a bonus track, an outtake from Countdown To Ecstacy, recorded on a day when the vocalists didn't show up for work.
Thanks for sharing the link: I'm now listening to the other songs that are there too.

EDIT: just loving the guitar tone on your track, "As A Child". A really nice run of notes at about 3:30 secs, which I'd describe as "cascading". Beautiful!
Thank you, and so happy you're enjoying. That was an Ibanez Roadstar I bought off of my brother for $30, then traded for a synth that I never picked up nor used. lol

A lot of that old stuff is lacking in any bass and the drums were just simple straight forward no-frills programmed tracks with added accents during post edit. I believe they were taken from my old Zoom pedal that had a drum machine built in. I was building up my production skills with what little I had to work with. Minimalist stuff.

The flow of the rhythm in that Limon Merengue tune barely hints at YGT, and it's hard to pick out, but it's there. I can see how it'd be hard to pin point it though.
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