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Talking Glad to be here!

Hullo! It's been a hot second since I joined a forum Happy to have found such an active one, though!

My name's Logan, he/him pronouns, 23 years old. I'm from the USA, and I'm not very familiar with the music world, so I wanted a place to talk about music, songwriting, etc. I sang a lot as a kid, and I play a bit of lap harp. I recently ordered a toy accordion which should be arriving today (fingers crossed!), and I'm hoping to start making music seriously on that. (I realize mixing the words "serious" and "toy" is a bit silly, but, well... real accordions are expensive, and I want to make sure I like the instrument before I invest in the real deal, haha!)

Aside from that stuff, my favorite artists are The Paper Kites, Left At London, and Panic! At The Disco. I'm also intrigued by outsider artists, specifically Daniel Johnston. Outside of music, I like video games, solo tabletop games, and writing!

Nice to meet yall!
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