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Clearly a cool dude's magazine!! I didn't know that Room 335 had like a special status among guitar players. The track I return to on No Substitutions is the 14-min workout of All Blues, written originally by Miles Davis.

Also many moons/millenia ago I had to do a prelim design of an ammo depot for a projected military town in S Arabia. What I learned from that exercise: (i) don't put the ammo depot next to the kids' school, (ii) dig a big hole and throw up the excavation material as an earthwork all around so that any blast is deflected upwards (iii) have a staggered or dog-leg approach road for similar reasons.

I wonder if your US Army depot followed those guiding principles? In fact, perhaps you managed to get some maps? Blueprints? I bet we could sell them online for quite a lot.
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