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Hello! Originally a trumpet player, I got myself an EVI some time ago (NuEVI to be exact, by Swedish manufacturer Berglund Instruments). If you haven't heard of it, it's a wind synthesizer that resembles the three-valve trumpet system. It's also the less famous cousin of the EWI (sax version).

I do have an example of how I use it with my jazz fusion band Paradise League. Heavily inspired by Japanese jazz fusion I wrote a song called 'Acrobat' with the EVI in mind. The title pays homage to sax/EWI player Masato Honda and his song 'Athlete'. Me and my group recorded a live session video of 'Acrobat', that can be seen on YouTube (search for "Paradise League" and it should be pretty far up).

Check it out if you're interested, would be fun to chat about/discuss the instrument, its sound or just the music in general. And of course, everything Japanese fusion!

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