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Default Order I should record tracks for my demos

We meet again, internet. I haven't been on this site in a few minutes, but I'm back with another question.
I have started writing music again. I have a break coming up soon and hope to get some of my songs down, nothing too fancy in terms of audio quality. I'm using a Tascam, so I just want to get my songs recorded and maybe revisit them later when I have more money/time/gear. It's just me writing and recording these, I don't have a band or anything like that (yet, but I hope to play these songs live someday.) So I was just wondering what the order I should record individual tracks should be, as I can't play guitar and drums at the same time to play along with. I've tried making scratch tracks for guitar while I play along to it on drums, but there are little imperfections in the structure that make it hard to keep a consistent beat. Thanks.

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