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Originally Posted by Mindfulness View Post
That website looks nice. I have told someone in a discord server I would do this and then the 100 days of python after as he does his. That course seems good from what they say. I did the codecademy python course 3 times and was lost after. but this 100 days of python you do so many projects I would think it builds confidence because you did 100 projects. So I think.
im not in a rush to finish this web design one first so this is all for 2022 mainly

thats what I should be doing^
and I might do that instead
I've done quite a few websites, but they were really simple, and I haven't touched any of that stuff in a long time. Good luck though broseph.

A bit of an update from my meeting in Boston last week:

I just submitted a structural package for one of the biggest projects I've done to date. Last weeks meeting was to address some outlying issues that weren't being conveyed to me clearly, and I gave them a deadline of 1 week for me correct everything, which is today. I feel like I just gave birth.
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