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Default Maybe a really obscure one... A song about the "Man on the Moon"

Firstly, I'll say I'm not talking about REM's "Man on the Moon", or Steel Prophet's "Strange Encounter".

This is a song I remember my parents singing to me when I was a small child (born 1984, so probably late 80s, early 90s at the time), and I remember it fondly. Now that I have my own daughter who has taken an interest in the night sky, I am attempting to recall the song and am struggling to get beyond one verse. I did ask my parents where the song came from and they suggested it might have been a children's program, so I realise that this might be a big ask to get an answer...

The lyrics I remember are;

Have you seen the man in the moon?
Have you seen the man in the moon?
If you stay a while
You might see him smile
The man in the moon

The song continues, as far as I know, with the similar pattern.

As far as the melody, my ear "remembers" it as (note per syllable, lower case are quavers, upper case crotchets, lower case bold are minims and upper case bold are semibreves. Damn this would be so much easier with manuscript);


That final "d-d-d^D" is the D lower than the A (i.e. the notes in the song could be something like A5, B5, C5 and D4)

Of course this might be transposed up or down for all I know... but the relative pitch seems about right.

Any ideas??

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