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Quite a lot actually

Though I’m not sure whether you’ll be familiar with any of it

Stanisław Grzesiuk

„Don’t play a smarty with a varsovian”
A Warsaw based bard from the 1950s


A new wave/auteur band formed in Warsaw in the 80s

Oddział Zamknięty („Locked Ward/Closed Unit”)

A short-lived cult pop rock band

Michał Urbaniak
A jazz saxophone and violin player, best known to the world as the violin player on Miles Davis’ „Tutu”

Łąki Łan

A rock/electronic funk band formed in Warsaw in the 2000s


A „Classic rock” polish band formed in 1980

Those are the ones that came to my mind just now

There’s probably 10 times more of the bad stuff, so why bother mentioning
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