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Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post
I have to question the wisdom of this as a plan. What message will your vote be sending? I support the Republicans in their bids to: -
(i) be led by a delusional conman and sexual predator
(ii) dismantle democracy
(iii) deny Americans the fundamental social safety nets enjoyed across Europe and other developed nations
(iv) ignore or lie about climate change
(v) legalise vigilanteism to erode abortion or whatever other civil right they don't like.

Yes, everyone is exasperated by the J Manchin deadlock, but with a 50/50 senate the Dems are in a real bind. In my opinion, that's not a reason to bail on them - on the contrary it means they need more support, just a little more push to get a real majority. All they need is a couple more senators, and J Manchin and Kyrsten Cinnamon Girl can go wrestle with their consciences in the privacy of their own bathrooms for all that anyone would care.
The wisdom is this. This 50/50 deadlock only allows a sort of incrimental movement toward a set of twin apocalypses. And it's this minor movement that makes people:

1. Not vote - a la 2000, or 2020 with a "they're all corrupt!" mantra
2. Think that civic engagement doesn't matter
3. Question everything, even beyond government, to include vaccines, wind turbines, change in general

I'm tired of trying to save these morons from themselves. I want DeSantis in. Let him stack the court until only reform is realistic. Let him repeal every COVID public health measure. I'll hang inside another 6 months and let the next variant wipe out entire industries to the point that we're begging south america to send people. Let the Handmaids Tale party allow for bounty hunters to kill unwed women over 40 as spinster whores.

One of two outcomes occurs. The Country sinks, or the "I just wish politics wasn't so nasty" crowd has to make a choice. This country is beyond saving. And anti-vaxx freakshow doesn't deserve any protection. I want them to ship more Midwestern jobs overseas, and allow them to have bazookas, and classify birth control as a Class A substance.

If people didn't wake up when they made it illegal to give water to people waiting to vote

If people didn't wake up when we hit 800,000 COVID deaths

If people didn't wake up when the 5th review of the Arizona recount confirmed a Biden win

If people didn't wake up when yet another hurricane takes out Texas or Florida, then **** 'em. If the choice is give us liberty or give us death, I choose death.
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Also, the bone flute came from cave bears.
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