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It's not very original, I know, but:

The legendary SM47 is a mic that's good for pretty much everything. I use it to record vocals, guitars (acoustic and electric), bass, piano, and even drums (though then I team up with my friend, so that there's 3 SM47s)

Really, if you're buying your first mic, it doesn't matter much. Any mic can record anything, and it's up to you (and your skill) how good of a use you'll make of it.
Sure, some are better for x and some are better for y, but if you try, then any mic will do the job.

Focus more on the material, less on the equipment.

It doesn't really matter if your guitar is a Fender that you payed 2K for, or a Vision you payed a hundred bucks for. What's really important is your playing.

The same goes for mics, as long as you don't buy a 30 dollar one on eBay.
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