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Meh, again I'd disagree. Like I say, to me the attraction and charm of Rory's music was always its simple, raw sound; like listening to an original Delta blues record or something. It just always sounds... real. The first Rory album I heard (not my favourite by any means) was Against the Grain, and by then he'd been going for about four or five years, at least under his own name, but even so the album sounded raw, unpolished, rough, and I think that was what gave it its authenticity. I actually prefer later albums such as Top Priority and Photo Finish, but when you get to Jinx I feel the "new" recording techniques used sort of make it seem a little bland, a little less raw, a little less Rory. So while I prefer, musically and songwise, those two albums over the older ones, I would still maintain that albums like Deuce and Blueprint and Against the Grain sound more authentic, and so are more representative of his sound.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, would you want Son House or Howlin' Wolf to have recorded with today's techniques, or do you prefer how those old records sound even today?
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