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Default Plese Help Find - Music Video 1996-2000

Hello all...I'm hoping someone can help or point to to somewhere on the internet that can. I am looking for a song/music video from 1996-2000. I know it was on a department store loop vhs tape and it followed a Brittany Spears song. I'm guessing she was not a popular singer as no one has any clue what I'm talking about.

- In English (most likely American)
- It was a white female artist, age 20ish, black short hair.
- Pop song
- Live action with animation of three elves (like the rice krispy guys) and they helped her wake up, bath, eat cereal. Of course they cause trouble for her.
- At the end of the video she is in a night club and drives off with a guy on a Vesper scooter.

That's all I know and it's been driving me crazy for 20 years. I'm hoping some music video expert will know what I'm talking about.
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