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Default Genre With The Most Annoying Fans

So then which genre has the most annoying fans then

Is it......

Metal fans , who can`t seem to see anything other than technical ability & guitar solos who would rather listen to a 20 minute guitar solo than a well crafted song.

Hip Hop fans , who go around calling themselves DJs & will go around & bore people with their beatboxing & rapping skills *cough* at every given oppetunity.

Emo fans who scream at you 'Emotional Hardcore' ad nausium and invent a new sub genre every week.And who write awful poetry.

Dance music fans , (See metal fans , replace 'guitar solo' with 'beats per minute')

Indie fans , who will change from listening to American garage rock one week & then listen to acoustic Norwegian folk music the next just because Pitchfork told them to.

Punk fans , who seem to think playing more than 3 chords or selling more than 10 copies of an album is 'Selling out'

The choice is yours!!!!!!!!!

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