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I'd have to say that I agree on the Patriots. They've got a real solid line and i think especially against a time like Indianapolis, a team of sporadic performance, that there would be some stability there with that defensive line. The Patriots, I've noticed, tend to eek out victories. Indianapolis does one or the other; they totally trounce the team or they barely win. Just check them blowing the hell out of Denver, then eeking a victory from Buffalo. Also, the Patriots beat Indianapolis earlier in the season in a very close game; i think the Patriots will gain some confidence from this, and some confidence in the fact that they have been playing a very steady game of football. Indianapolis, on the other hand, as the wild card pick, might not have enough confidence, especially after their close match with Kansas City.

I'm trying to say that the Patriots are like the slow and steady mule, wheras Indianapolis seems to be an unpredectiable roller coaster. Oh yeah, and the Patriots have 14 wins. Eat it. You can eat the 12-win streak too.

Or maybe its because I like seeing a team that was once the underdog become a fearsome guard dog. Of course, you can never really pick these things without the Rosters, or knowing whos injured...and of course they don't tell you beforehand, whos injured anyway, thats the mobs job

The second game is very iffy; I don't see a clear choice here. My gut tells me the Panthers, because to be honest with you they've been racking it up this season.
I also like looking at previous games *gee did you notice*, and I've realized that the Panthers are on quite the roll; sizeable victories, one after the other, for the last three games.

I don't care if the Eagles have homefield advantage. Actually, that convinces me of the fact that the Panther's will win; for some reason, in their hometown, the Philidelphia Eagles choke. I will say that one thing I love about the Eagles is McNabb. That guy is NUTS. Probably the smartest quarterback in the game; and he can RUN too. The Eagles will have a big problem with Carolina's powerful offense, though, and I really think its going to boil down to who shows up on the field. As I said, can't totally predict the rosters...
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