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Post atrium part 3

BY POPULAR DEMAND... or just crowe yelling at me... here you go

These Last Pages

Where is your pity? And why am I alive
Is a hopeful, happy future not a reason to accept "goodbye?"

(What is a sacrifice?)

The burden slides down from my shoulders
Dragging off my wings,
And now the evil that defined me
Is replaced with warm and useless things

(never your blessings)

Living in the shadow of my very own disease
And now my blessings all seem hollow, and this failure just flies free
My hand meets yours for comfort,
But yours stays here to hold the match steady
For better or for worse
It no longer hurts
And now I'm finally ready

(Burn these pages with me)

I could have been the brave young boy
And they would have read this diary

(Burn these pages with me)

I dont question why i feel again,
but that these feelings (failures) came for free

(Burn these pages with me)

Now I know how you are ruled, by your dissappointment, your own misery
Like a plague rules a patient, like these last pages will always rule me
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