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Default A song with Lyrics.

Song I made on Punk-O-Matic.

and here is a rough draft of the lyrics.

I am so alone
Not sure if you know

Losing a mind
Is like
Saying goodbye

To yourself.

I have seen the face of the child
That bit me and smiled at me.

What I see has told me that I'm wrong.
I have waited for so long.
For the times I had before this mess.

Stony face slumps.
Giving me wide tooth grins.
I dive out of the way into traffic.
The cars give roars of pain.
I run and hide in your room.
Under the Bed.
I sleep with the sandman.
For he comes in my thoughts
If I still had those.

Cracking up here; I now destroy.
What I use to consider my joy.

When falling up and down.
I see the smile that was a frown.
I don't know what to do.
Seeing some help from you.
I wish I can get it the vocals recorded in the song but I might be able to later. The first line starts when the drums come in.

what do you think?
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