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you are freakin out, man
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Yeah sorry man, i have to admit i was sorta expecting that...

My problem was that i didn't want to get too technical with the last song, meaning i didn't want to sacrifice what was supposed to be the sort of emotional climax with little specifics that sorta cleared up the less metaphorical aspects of the story. To avoid this i sorta tried to piece that aspect of the story together over the coarse of the three songs... but it obviously turned out being a bit too subtle.


the story is about a kid that goes to the hospital, and hes told although they expect him to die, that he'll be able to help them find a cure. So now everyones sorta rooting for the disease to take over a bit more so they can figure out how to save all the other kids that have it, and the dude notices that these people really want him to be gone, so he sorta gives up, and starts keeping a diary so atleast theyll know what he was thinking in his supposed last days. Then he ends up surviving, everyones loses and he burns his diary.

im sure after this explanation, youll be able to pick up the subtler parts of the different songs that explained this, most of which could have easily been mistaken for metaphors like "living in the shadow of my very own disease"

anyway... yeah... really sorry to dissappoint you, ill work on it
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