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Originally Posted by ZeppelinAir
the guitar and lyrics, the singers voice has to be decent, cant be sounding **** if you know what i mean
Well, i don't consider technical skill to be too much of an important factor in quality, let alone uniqueness... It dosen't take skill to be unique, take The Shaggs for example, without a doubt the worst band of all time, horrible musicians, but they were still quite unique, no one sounds like them, in fact Frank Zappa (a technical genius, no doubt) was not only a fan but he also attempted to immitate their sound, however he could not, the music was simple but so out there and bizzare that their sound couldn't be copied.... Though that's probably a good thing.

I'm nagging, back on topic, i think what constitutes good vocals/guitars/bass/drums/etc depends on the context of the song... For example, from a objective technical standpoint Tom Waits may be one of the worst singers in the world, but as far as i'm concerned he is one of the best.... Imagine if Steve Perry sang all the songs on Rain Dogs. O_O

I just scared myself.

I draw a line between technical and good, you can have one without the other... But of course both ain't bad either.
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