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Originally Posted by The Ten Thousandth Fist
I'm a creationist, and a Christian, but I have just this to say to you, Juggalo.

Give. It. A. Rest.

You seem to be a pretty devout Christian, amirite? Then tell me, please, your justification of calling these others bigots. They're just exercising their free will. Even God doesn't mess with free will, we know this well enough. Let people believe what they choose. We may not like what they believe, but it is imperative that you be tolerant of others' views. It's just a fact of life. People will have different beliefs because we have the ability to form unique opinions. And that is that. So shut your trap, stop the hypocrisy, and let people believe what they want.

On another note, evolution is taught in schools and creationism isn't (for the most part) because of the mandate of the separation of church and state. It isn't open bigotry by the individual school systems. It's federal law. Don't ask me why. While it may not be a valid scientific theory, it is a theory as to how the universe came about. And I think that theories, whatever their basis, should be considered for what they are. As theories. Theories, technically, are not proven fact, but that doesn't mean we can't assume them to be so. Except when multiple theories are proposed for a single phenomenon (i.e., the creation of Earth and the creatures on it), it comes down to a person's individual beliefs. So again, Juggalo, put a sock in it.

But being an open-minded individual, I do consider what others think. And what riseagainstrocks said does make sense. God easily could have created us all... man, other animals, the universe... and said, "Have at it." He knew we could adapt. He knew things would change, and He knew that we could change with them. And that, in essence, is evolution.

So yeah, evolution does take place. I'm not denying that. I just know that God created us in the first place. We're too complex... everything is too complex... to just have happened by chance.
I would give it a rest, but it's hard to when you're being attacked from every angle and they are just as unaccepting as I seem to be. I know it doesn't matter what they say, in the end God will deal with them. But why do some have to bring that up in forums a friend of mine and I start, when it has nothing to do with the topic? They just want to fight about it and ruin forums. They know who I'm talking about. and that's the last of it I'll mention as long as they quit trying to violate my opinion.
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